Supermoon Eclipse (Bloodmoon)

For those who are interested in lunar eclipses, later this morning (ICT) or later tonight (US – EDT) there will be a combination of a lunar eclipse with a supermoon (which is a full moon at its closest point to the earth in its orbit). If you have already looked outside during the night (ICT) you would have noticed that it is particularly bright, bright enough to play football or to work in the field. In a few hours the lunar eclipse will start, however for those in the far eastern hemisphere you won’t be able to see it (India, Pakistan you may just see the start of it). Such events are rare and if you miss this one you won’t get the opportunity again until 2033. But, thanks to NASA you will be able to see a live feed of the eclipse from 8 PM EDT (7 am ICT). More details of the eclipse can be found on NASA’swebsite. Also see the video below.