VPN Keeps Disconnecting when the Monitor Sleeps

This problem is also resolved with the Sleep-Wake issues discussed elsewhere. This will prevent laptops from rebooting during the night (when they appear to wake and can’t find a network) and when the laptop is in use but the screen sleeps which causes the laptop to lose it’s internet connection and as such any VPN connection and sometimes connections to downloading files.

Resolve Sleep-Wake issues with MacOS

  • Open Terminal in your Applications folder or Spotlight, and copy & paste the command line below into the box, and press enter afterwards. You’ll likely be prompted to enter your mac login, and you may do so. You may also receive a warning that you are making changes. This is normal and you may proceed. 

sudo pmset -a standby 0

  • (You’ll enter Terminal in Spotlight to open terminal, then enter the sudo command into terminal)
  • Then this problem should be corrected. If you need to confirm that the above setting was properly set, open your System Report, select the ‘Power’ option, and then check the ‘Standby Enabled’ value. It should say 0.