About AgConAsia Consulting

The Agriculture and Vegetable Seed Sectors in the Asia-Pacific region are very dynamic and competitive. To stay competitive many companies need to improve the quality and performance of the varieties offered in their portfolios as well as add new varieties, often in new segments, in order to raise their position and profile in the market. As such they need to access resources such as plant breeding, market intelligence and systems management which they may not have readily available or which they only need to access on a short-term basis. Consultants thus have an important role in offering small and medium sized companies compete more readily on the market with the final product being improved and more competitive varieties.

Equally important players in the industry include farmer groups as well as Governments and Non-Government Organisations who are committed to provide services and access to seeds in support of the industry, farmers and consumers.

AgConAsia Consulting offers small to medium-sized companies, Government organisations and NGOs services in the development and review of their organisations and programs:

i. Through infrastructure development, resources and technical support;

ii. Development and management of vegetable research programs and associated infrastructure facilities;

iii. Integration of technologies and support components, including GM strategies, markers, tissue culture and plant pathology;

iv. Development of product market evaluation systems including product development stages, product stage gateways, product profiles and field trial strategies;

v. Development and management of seed sector agronomy support programs including access to seeds and technologies, best practices programs for the industry and farmers; and

vi. Development of organisations in support of access to seeds.

For more information, contact tom.burns@agconasia.com.