Not allowing comments on my blog

I’ve had a few emails regarding the site’s lack of opportunities to add comments. Well originally I did but I’ve since turned this function off for a few reasons. Firstly, if you did want to add a comment you can just email me. Secondly, it’s my blog for my consultancy company and I want to use it to reach out to the veg-seed community. Having someone else adding their comments is not fulfilling that function. Sure some of the comments have been very worthwhile and I fully appreciate the time and efforts of those concerned. I did use come of the comments to update some parts of the information I had (some of which I am still updating and have not returned to the site). And yes I can curate the comments beforehand, but that to me is akin to censorship so it is best not to have any comments at all. But one of the major reasons for not having comments was because of the spam, and yes I had blockers in force but they were not very effective. Literally for each post I put up there would have been a few pages of spam messages as comments every day. So in short, no comments, just email me.