😎Conducting a Seed Business (Myanmar): An introduction and overview of best practices on segmentation and variety evaluation

The Syngenta Foundation is running a course on Conducting a Seed Business. This course is an introduction to some of the basic mechanisms and tools used by the seed industry in the introduction and management of product lines. While the number and type of mechanisms and tools used vary, this course will introduce four of the most important and commonly used, variety segmentation, variety evaluation, product profiles and product life cycles.

The target participants are those active in or new to the seed industry in Myanmar including seed company representatives, seed distributors and seed producers as well as others aligned to the seed industry including field crop and vegetable traders and wholesalers, in addition to government representatives and industry related representatives and participants.

Participants will graduate from the course with an understanding of variety segmentation and its importance in managing a seed portfolio in addition to being able to prepare and maintain product profiles based on trials that they can organise and evaluate in farmers’ fields.

The course will run from Tuesday August 1 to Thursday August 3, 2017 at the Inya Lake Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar.

For more details contact Clive Murray (clive.murray@syngenta.com).

(This course serves as the first in a series on conducting a seed business. Future courses will include other tools and processes commonly used by the seed industry in the evaluation and introduction of varieties within the crop focus of individual seed businesses including seed pricing, value added, crop diseases, R&D programs, seed production and storage, inventory management and marketing.)